Monday, September 13, 2010

51 killed a backstroke start with Tencent IM battle launched social networking site, dating software, real-time "Rainbow IM" has been formally launched yesterday. This is a research and development one year after the termination of the rainbow QQ, popped up in the instant communications of the season back thrust. relevant responsible person: "We are going this is directed at QQ, QQ chat fees 'Rainbow' All for free."

Rainbow IM official website screenshot and Tencent to mention the original "Rainbow QQ" whether it is legitimate software to battle it, do not talk about why the exit after the Now look at's "Rainbow IM" formally launched, the official version of the Rainbow 2009 Eight new experience indeed refreshing shock to our feelings: 1, new interface, faster speed; 2, Friends dynamic full control; 3, casual one button buttoned; 4, easy to set up temporary group; 5, more efficient and stable file transfer; 6, more clear and smooth audio and video experience; 7, an upgraded version of the rainbow music box; 8,51 VIP status manifest. These comprehensive and powerful features, such as selecting features No. Liang, QQ chat software for these charges, the rainbow all free.

IM helm helm of Zhang He introduced rainbow, a rainbow of product positioning is the most realistic real-time dating software, real friends are the greatest feature. Three years ago, video certification in the industry's first functional artificial, now effectively avoid the users to upload photos of others pretending to themselves, to improve the user's authenticity. Currently, has more than 50 million total video authenticate the user, for the Rainbow provides a powerful real friends to protect. editor and marketing director of Long Zhenwei said: "IM is the basis of Internet applications and public demand, is the trend for free. ability of strong revenue, profit next year to enter large-scale stage, rainbow IM, free policy will not cause any financial pressure the company. this time to introduce rainbow IM, is considered long-term development for the company, now the rainbow is not the direct revenue value. "

51 to enter the IM market seems determined to make up its mind long ago, this is to start with Tencent users scramble for resources. 51 blaze face this season backstroke, Tencent - IM proprietor, certainly will not stand still, Tencent what kind of measures will we wait and see.

The face of this, the industry experienced analysts said, will be fully integrated into the IM community functions and features, certainly on behalf of will officially enter the IM field, however, Tencent QQ can really begin the scramble for resources and a threat, conclusions too early.

However, as IM users we only believe that a last word, that is, who, while powerful, can be more of our benefits, who is the king!

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